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Your Guide to Intentional Living

Do you want to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, clear mind fog, lose weight and cultivate inner peace?

Whatever your wellness goals, the power of intention enables you to thrive in all aspects of your life--body, mind, and spirit.

The Intention Circle

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Join my Intention Circle and take flight with insightful guidance delivered FREE to your inbox every Friday. 

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The Daily Intenders

An intentional life is filled with intentional days

Join the Daily Intenders to rise and shine with a FREE one-minute intention setting video every morning.

Calm Moms

A realistic self-care program for busy moms

Cultivate inner peace in less than 10 minutes a day with techniques so easy a child can do them.

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Hello! I'm Carolyn Pitts.

As a Health Coach certified by the American Council on Exercise and an energy healer trained at the Professional Practice level in Healing Touch, I am dedicated to providing you with the tools, support, and resources you need to maximize your wellness. 

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