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The realistic self-care program
designed for working moms

In this FREE guide, you will learn a self-care practice to build resilience to stress so you can nurture your family while keeping everything running smoothly at work.


Your time is valuable. This program requires less than ten minutes a day.

Included in this FREE Guide

Energetic Self-Care

A self-care practice that requires less than 10 minutes a day

Coaching Videos

Follow along with me while learning techniques so easy that your child can do them

Bonus Techniques

Learn how to release pent-up frustration quickly and to calm swirling thoughts


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Hello there! I'm Carolyn Pitts. Previously, my days were filled with urgent tasks due to raising two children and working in IT management. I was unaware that my symptoms of chronic anxiety, such as weight gain, jaw pain, and difficulty sleeping, were caused by my busy lifestyle. After discovering energetic self-care, I was able to increase my resilience to stress, lose 20 pounds, and throw away my night guard. My personal recovery motivated me to create this guide for other working moms.

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Carolyn Pitts, ACE-certified Health Coach and Healing Touch Professional

Intend Well LLC

1601 Willow Lawn Dr Ste. 304

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